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Gaynor is one of only a handful of Myotherapists based in the UK.  Having trained in Phoenix, Arizona, she has brought her wide range of skills together to offer Myotherapy in the UK, with clients travelling from all over the UK to benefit from Gaynor's treatment plans.

Developed in the USA, Myotherapy is a hands-on treatment that works deeply into underlying soft tissue (muscles, tendons, ligaments) to release fibres that have been holding the body in a poor position for some time.  The technique incorporates:



Positional releases, where the limb may be moved through a wide range of movement to bring about the release of tissue previously unable to move

A muscle energy technique, where the muscle's own strength is used to release and increase flexibility

Trigger-point work, where a specific hyper-sensitive area of soft tissue is held or manipulated to a point where it will release naturally

Neuro-muscular technique, where messages from the brain are used to release soft tissue

Myofascial release, where the muscular sheath is released from the muscle itself to relieve pain and stiffness

Joint re-alignment technique, where the position of any subluxated bones may be manipulated using the surrounding soft tissue and fascial layer

It is an extremely effective treatment which, in the USA and Australia, works alongside the medical profession to alleviate and treat many neuromusculoskeletal problems.  Gaynor has a number of clients with specific muscular conditions (fibromyalgia, polymyalgia) and has achieved great success in treating these conditions, ensuring the clients are better able to manage their condition and benefit from a noticeable reduction in pain levels.

Initially, a treatment may be painful, but relief from long-standing problems comes about very quickly.  The effect of the treatment is lasting and progressive.  If you would like to talk to someone who has been treated with Myotherapy, Gaynor can refer you to clients happy to discuss it.



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