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Joseph Pilates introduced the system that bears his name in 1934 with the publication of "Return to Life Through Contrology", which comprised photographs and step-by-step instructions for a system of 34 exercises designed to return the body to good health.

The exercises stemmed from his analytical approach to body movement and his extensive knowledge of martial arts and gymnastics.  Today's mat-based Pilates classes are based on the original exercises, which have been modified and broken down into easier steps in line with the increased understanding of how the body works.

Pilates is suitable for people of all ages, shapes, sizes, abilities, and fitness levels.  It is particularly beneficial for people who have physical limitations or disabilities.  It is widely recognised by the medical profession, for example,  as ideal for those coping with back pain.

Gaynor teaches Pilates from beginners to advanced.  Training can be arranged at your home on an individual, couple, or small-groups basis.  Or you may choose to join one of Gaynor's popular classes run from locations in Witney.  Classes are limited to 10 students, to ensure that clients receive individual attention for maximum benefit.  Booking is essential for all of Gaynor's pilates classes due to their popularity.  She continues to add more classes as demand increases.



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