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Gaynor and her team offer a totally integrated approach to health and fitness, using a range of skills and services, designed to meet the individual needs of clients, including those with chronic health problems, medical conditions, and age-related problems.  Gaynor now specialises in working solely with clients coping with chronic medical conditions, the problems associated with ageing (postural changes, loss of range of motion, and loss of muscular strength and balance), and other challenging training needs.  Gaynor's associates now cover clients without specific medical conditions, general fitness requirements, and specific sports/events requirements.

Carl Whitehead is Gaynor's newest addition to her team.  Carl is a mature, capable and extremely fit individual.  After serving in the armed forces for many years, Carl has maintained his high fitness level by competing in extremely challenging fitness events, which cover vast distances over many hours in hostile terrain.  Carl regularly competes in ultra marathon races, which can be up to 100 miles long, over mountainous terrain which requires orienteering skills, a tough mental attitude, and endurance to match. He has a wealth of training experience and strives to bring all that experience together to meet the needs of his clients.

Alongside his own training needs and competition, Carl finds the time to study to further enhance his personal training skills, support his local running club, and work hard for and with his clients. He is a specialist in multi-event training and is an ideal addition to Gaynor's team due to the high demand for this type of training.  

Identifying Problem Areas

During an assessment session, Gaynor looks at a client's overall health, including:

General fitness

Muscle strength and tone

Ratio of fat to lean tissue

Endurance and flexibility

Back and joint functioning

Energy levels and mood

BMI, basal metabolic rate, and other health markers, including blood pressure readings

Setting Personal Goals

Gaynor helps clients to develop realistic goals - which may be as simple or complex  - and a personalised programme to achieve them:

At a time and place convenient to them

With one or more sessions a week, plus homework

Individually or in small groups of up to four people,
or more if space permits

After the assessment and goal setting have been completed, Gaynor will discuss whether she or her associate, Carl, will be the key trainer for the required training needs, unless the client specifies a particular preference. 

Achieving those goals

Different techniques to help with personal training may be appropriate for clients at different times, including:

Exercise and nutrition

Rehabilitation, Sports Therapy, and Myotherapy

Sports Psychology and Hypnotherapy

General Information

64% of men and 76% of women are not achieving the recommended 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity on most days of the week (5 or more). 

Health Education Monitoring Survey, Office for National Statistics, England 1998

Personal Training is exactly what it says personal.  A Personal Trainer works clients on a one-to-one basis or within a small group, usually in a client's home or office.  Training Programmes are tailored to specific health and fitness requirements, from losing weight to running the London Marathon, or somewhere in between.   Programmes can be tailored to the specific fitness needs of different sports.

Programmes can be amended to meet changing needs, whether due to illness, injury, or other factors.  Flexibility - in terms of time, place, and frequency, as well as exercise routines - is one of the great benefits of Personal Training, along with motivation, encouragement, and close attention to safe, effective techniques.

Corporate Training

Many companies now offer health and fitness benefits as a way to reduce stress and increase the wellbeing of senior executives, managers and shop-floor staff.   Options include:


Small Groups

Circuit Training

Fitness Classes

Mad-Based Pilates Classes

Smoking Cessation Group Hypnotherapy

Team-Building Programmes

Stress Management Programmes


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